Vicki's annuals are the perfect pop of color for almost any occasion.  Inexpensive and easy to maintain, these plants are perfect for adding brilliance to pots, containers, and window boxes. They can also be added to hanging baskets for a burst of color that, with care, will last all season. Try incorporating them into your perennial garden to add interest and fill empty spaces.  

With so many options it's easy to experiment with different combinations of color, texture, and shape to find your favorites!


Seeds are a great way to get lots of color on a budget.  

From vegetables and herbs to exotic annuals and perennial wildflower mixes, we carry a wide selection of seeds to help you get started earlier in your garden.


Climbing vines add year around beauty to any garden or lawn. Their durability and longevity make them the perfect anchor point to plan your landscaping around.  Come in and our experts will help you find the right selection for your needs.


It's hard to imagine gardening in the northwest without berry bushes.  The climate in the northwest is perfect for growing strawberries, grapes, raspberries and blackberries.  Our berry bushes are grown from cuttings, which ensures that you will get a full crop of fruit the first year you plant.  Whether you plan on baking them, cooking them or just eating them straight from the vine, we can help you find the plant that is perfect for you.


Most gardeners wish summer could last forever, but when its time to put your beds to rest, the gardening doesn't have to end.  Houseplants make a beautiful and easy addition to any home for any time of the year.  From the simple to the exotic, a houseplant is sure to liven up a room and impress visitors.  

Furthermore, research has shown that indoor plants are good for your health.  Because healthy plants release oxygen, just having them in your home can improve sleep, remove mold, and improve air quality.  What's not to love about that!

USDA Certified

Vicki's is proud to get back to the basics with our vegetables and herbs.  Hand selected by our head grower, our edibles were chosen based on their distinct flavor and ability to perform in our unique climate.  Whether you are a new gardener or an experienced growing veteran, there is a flavor for every palate.

As a USDA certified greenhouse our plants are grown locally in our greenhouses just south of Spokane.  We plant them in healthy soil and use natural means of fertilization.  We guarantee that our product is grown using socially sustainable practices.  And that is something we are proud of.


Because perennials come back each year, they make for the perfect foundation for any garden. Perennials are typically hardy, require minimal care and maintenance, and most often return even bigger each year.  There are perennials for every spot in your garden whether that means full hot sun or deep shade, there is a perennial that is just right!  

Ask one of our garden experts to help you choose the best plants for your needs.

‚ÄčVicki's Garden Center carries a wide range of plant products. Because our plants are seeded, grown, and cared for at one of our 3 facilities, we can ensure that they are the highest quality at the best price.