-Apply mulch to the bases of plants to cut down on weeds and reduce the need to water.

-Give special care to your hanging baskets as it begins to heat up.  Check them twice a day (morning and evening) to see if they need water.  Soak them until water runs out the bottom holes.

-Remove spent blooms on annuals and perennials to extend their blooming season.

-Feed your flowering and fruiting plants with a high phosphorus fertilizer (a high middle number).  For an organic alternative try a fish emulsion.

-Do not remove the still green leaves from spring flowering bulbs.  They are energizing the bulb for next year.

-Watch your petunias and geraniums carefully for the dreaded budworm.  These nasty guys will eat the blooms off your plants.  We recommend a systemic insecticide to get rid of them.

- This is the month to begin removing suckers and water sprouts from your fruit trees.

-Fertilize your lawn as needed.

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